University of Arizona
College of Public Health

Clinical Research

The Center of Excellence in Women's Health has been involved in conducting clinical research trials for approximately 14 years.  Although the majority of the research performed has pertained to HPV (human papilloma Vvirus) we have also conducted a limited amount of clinical research in ovarian disease and some behavioral research as well. 

Since we primarily conduct research on HPV that is where our diversity in different types of research lies.  We have conducted therapeutic trials involving several different vaccine trials, orals medications, and gels and creams that were applied to the cervix in search of a cure for cervical dysplasia.  We have conducted different device studies such as imaging devices in order to improve the method of colposcopy procedures, and cervical caps that hold study drug and slightly heat up to see if the cervix absorbs medication better in order to possibly cure cervical dysplasia.  We also conduct a substantial amount of research with industrial companies who are attempting to develop better methods of testing for and typing HPV than the methods we have in place today.

Clinical research has always played a major part in the Center of Excellence in Women's Health and we hope to continue for years to come.

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