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Promotoras present on cervical cancer at the Sunnyside Peace Garden
Promotoras Elvia Lopez and Marisela Carlon present on Cervical Cancer Prevention and the HPV vaccine at Mother & Daughter Brunch In the Sunnyside Neighborhood Peace Garden
Front view of the MEzCOPH Center of Excellence in Women's Health Bld.
The main entrance from Ring Rd. of our new location. On the UA campus map it is COPH-Lester house, bldg. 477.
Members of the Pima County Cervical Cancer Prevention Partnership
Members of the Pima County Cervical Cancer Prevention Partnership with the 18th Surgeon General of the U. S. Regina Benjamin at the CDC Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Photo provided by Lorena Verdugo
Sunnyside National Night Out with REACH - October 2011
Binational Health Fair - Mexican Consulate, October 2011
REACH PCCCP Partnership HPV and Cervical Cancer Training - August 2011
REACH Posada December 2011
REACH Year 5 Retreat
2012 REACH Posada


 Welcome to the Center of Excellence in Women's Health

 Our mission is to improve the health and wellness of women throughout the lifecycle,
  with an emphasis on underserved girls and women.


'Girls Club' promotes confidence, curbs bullying for students in Marana

MARANA- A program through the University of Arizona's College of Public Health is working to curb bullying and boost self esteem in young girls. It's called "Girls Club" and...

Women's Health Highlight

The Sting of Shingles - Vaccine, Treatments Reduce Risks

If you’ve ever had chickenpox, you may be at risk for a painful disease called shingles as you grow older. Shingles is a sometimes-agonizing skin rash and nerve disease that’s caused by a virus....